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The Electoral College – Why Keep It?

Posted by Warren Peterson on November 10, 2016


Love the Electoral College; it kept us from a President Al Gore and now a President Hillary Clinton. Hate the Electoral College; it gave us President George W. Bush and now President Donald J. Trump.

The reason for the Electoral College is much more fundamental to our election system than any one election. Our fore fathers (yes, I know they were mostly old white men some of whom had slaves) wrote a most extraordinary document. It established a republic, not a democracy. “A republic if you can keep it.” said Benjamin Franklin. The Constitution, that has served us well for over 200 years, reflects a populist distrust of an all-powerful central government. To protect us from such a government, it incorporated several checks and balances that devolved government to the states. (Amendment X) That is why the U.S. Senate is composed of two senators from each state regardless of population and the House of Representative’s membership is based on population. (Article I, Sections 2 and 3) It also explains why a presidential candidate must receive a majority vote in the Electoral College to win. If not, the election of the president goes to the House of Representatives where each state gets one vote with each state’s delegation voting to determine that state’s vote. The Electoral College and the process to follow if no one wins the Electoral College is one more protection from too much power for the federal government. (Article II, Section 1.3) These constitutional provisions also protect us from tyranny of the majority.

We eliminate the Electoral College at our peril. Beware the unintended consequences.


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Why Vote for Trump?

Posted by Warren Peterson on July 28, 2016

I haven’t posted to my blog in a long time but this election is so beyond belief it is impossible to stay silent. To leave no doubt where I come from, put me in the “Never Hillary” camp. I plan to write in John Kasich in November unless (in the unlikely event) Washington State is in play. If it is, I will hold my nose and with a shaking hand mark my ballot for Trump. In a choice between two extremely flawed candidates there are two reasons that tip the race to Trump.

First, is the appointment of two to three Supreme Courts justices. Trump has provided a list of eleven conservative sitting judges any one of which is qualified to serve. Hillary would almost certainly select court candidates from well left of center. The new base of the Democrat party is socialist and they would demand justices in the mode of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The long range damage a leftist court could do to the country out weights any potential harm from a Trump administration.

Second, Republicans will most likely retain the majority in the House of Representatives. While the House largely failed to check Obama’s policies, they would get Democrat support to mitigate any Trump excesses. Hopefully we would not have to endure another impeachment drama but should the House impeach Hillary, senate Democrats would lock up against conviction but if Trump was in the docket, Democrats and Republicans could very well join to remove him from office even if it meant Democrats would have to accept a conservative Mike Pence as president.

It is absolutely amazing that in a nation of 320 plus million people we can’t find two better qualified presidential candidates. But the nation is divided. The political process carries some of the blame but the politicians from both parties hold the lion’s share. They did not recognize the undercurrent of dissatisfaction, mistrust and failure to forthrightly address the issues that spawned groups like the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street and ultimately Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump.

We will have to play the hand we have and hope the change it brings is not worse than what we have undergone in the last eight years. Pray.

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The Obama Doctrine

Posted by Warren Peterson on September 15, 2013

Many thanks to Bob Bodensteiner who coined the following:

The Obama Doctrine

Peace through Platitudes

(May it go viral.)

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And They’re Off to 2016!

Posted by Warren Peterson on March 22, 2013

It was quite just after November 6th. There were wounds to lick, time needed for the shock to abate, Fox pundits to be fired but not for long. Stirrings of Campaign 2016 soon were in the air.

Mitt and Ann showed their faces on TV. Rand pitched a filibuster. John and Lindsay didn’t like it. Jeb wrote a book, so did Sarah. Chris raised some bucks. Bobby gave advice. Paul offered his budget, again. Yes folks, the White House strain of Potomac Fever is on the loose. The D version is still muted although some think Hillary never fully recovered from a previous infection and Joe was born with it. The R version, however, is already wide spread. Besides Rand, Jeb, Chris, Bobby and Paul, there’s another Paul, two Johns, Mike and Marco and lest we forget, the stars from 2011-12 Republican debates, Rick, Michele, Newt and the 9-9-9 pizza guy. If the War on Women is over, we might even see, Susanna of New Mexico, Kelly of New Hampshire or Nikki of South Carolina. If wining the Black vote is the goal, Dr. Ben might be the outside choice. The Republican debates could have more people on the stage than in the audience.

If nothing is done to thin this crowd down to a few who could actually win, the GOP will repeat the circular firing squad of the last presidential race. The first Republican debate was on May 5, 2011 followed by over twenty more running well into 2012 yet the nominee, much bloodied by the contests, was not firmly decided until a few weeks before the National Convention. Fortunately, something will be done. Read the report announced by Republican National Committee Chair Reince Priebus, “Growth & Opportunity Project” also known as the “Republican Autopsy.” Pay particular attention to the section titled, “Primary Process” which covers recommendations to streamline and control the debates and primaries. No debates until after September 1, 2015, limit the number of debates at ten to twelve, announce schedule in 2014 or early 2015, hold the national convention in June are some of the ideas.

Reform decisions need to be made now, not just for the 2016 presidential race but also the 2014 congressional battles. Reversing eight years of Obamanism depends on it.

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OMG! The Seattle Times Endorses Obama

Posted by Warren Peterson on October 1, 2012

The Times don’t need no stinkin’ debates to drink the Obama Kool-Aid one more time (they endorsed him in 2008). Here is their ringing endorsement in the Sunday paper: “Bottom line: Obama’s presidency has been disappointing, but he still has promise.” Gag me. Four years after “Hope and Change” failed to deliver we are to believe the next four years will be different?

The Times looked at nine areas in reaching their unbelievable conclusion. So lets put a letter grade on each of them.

Foreign affairs: Count the problems: apology tours, canceling missile defense agreement with Poland, failure to negotiate a status of forces agreement with Iraq, saying Afghanistan is the right war and then telling the enemy when we are leaving, tossing Israel under several busses, virtually claiming to have led Seal Team 6 into Osama bin Laden’s love nest, Iran marches on, Muslim Brotherhood comes to power in Egypt, cover up of terrorist involvement in Libya murders, leading from behind etc. He should get a failing grade but it’s a tough world out there so give him a D.

Trade: A mixed record at best. Unmentioned are Obama and the Democrats, bowing to union pressure, holding up the Columbia free trade agreement for several years. I’ll be generous and give him a C.

Spending and Debt: A plan for reduction of debt, “Obama hasn’t done it, and it may be his greatest failure.” Agreed, a well deserved F.

The Financial System: Obama did not push “for a separation of investment banking from commercial banking.” He did not break “up the top four or five big banks.” He did not “make complex securities transparent.” Three promises not done, an F.

The Main Street Economy: “Obama’s proposal to raise taxes” shows he is “out of touch” and he “mostly has not delivered” on his promised “active antitrust policy.” Another D.

Media control: Blocking consolidation of the media is a big issue for the locally owned Seattle Times. Obama “has not done it” but he “still could.” Or he could not, a D.

Education: He paid off the teacher unions by canceling the D.C. schools voucher program so no A but a B.

Health care: The Times criticizes Obama for concentrating not on the “economic crisis” but on “a party line vote” passing Obama Care which “has little cost control in it” and “will have to be fixed.” Sorry, but another F.

Partisanship: “Obama promised to bring a less partisan style, but he has been aloof with few friendships across the aisle.” According to the Times, the Republican House shares the blame for the lack of cooperation. They should have asked why Obama didn’t take the most partisan hack in leadership, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), to the woodshed. Give him a weak D.

One B, one C, four Ds and three Fs, on a four point system Obama has a solid 1.0 – a D average. President Obama recently gave himself a grade of “Incomplete.” He’s much closer to the girl in the Peanuts cartoon who always gets a D-.

The last line in the editorial is, “Romney would be too much of a gamble.” I beg to differ. A gamble would be to double down with a sixteen trillion dollar bet on another four years of Obama.

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Romney and Obama On Open Mike

Posted by Warren Peterson on September 19, 2012

Mitt Romney in remarks made at a private fund raising function last May, spoke about the forty seven percent of Americans who get some direct monetary payment from the government and the likelihood that they would vote for Obama. The event was secretly recorded and provided to “Mother Jones”, a left wing magazine. Hoping to inflict maximum damage on the Romney campaign, they held it until now, close to the election.

So which should concern you more? Romney’s too blunt but true comment or the following conversation recorded from an open mike between then President Dmitri Medvedev of Russian and President Obama at the March 2012 Global Nuclear Security Summit in Seoul, South Korea:

Obama: On all these issues, but particularly missile defense, this, this can be solved but it’s important for him (incoming Russian president, Vladmir Putin) to give me some space.

Medvedev: Yeah, I understand, I understand your message about space. Space for you …(inaudible)

Obama: This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility.

Medvedev: I understand. I will transmit this information to Vladmir.

Link the above conversation with President Obama caving into Russian pressure and canceling an agreement with our ally, Poland, to host a missile defense system. Toss Poland under the bus; tell Putin he (Obama) can be more flexible after the election – that concerns me.

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Clinton Nominates “The One”

Posted by Warren Peterson on September 7, 2012

President William Jefferson Clinton once again proved his ability to give a good speech. He nominated President Barack Hussein Obama for a second term with the right mix of hyperbole, bovine excreta and selective use of data one may expect from a partisan speech.

I’ll leave the self-appointed fact checkers to debate the validity of his words. I won’t even comment on whether he patted himself on the back more than he praised Obama. Watching Clinton on TV, I was immediately struck by the similarity with past Clinton speeches in his faux use of body language. There it was, his head cocked to one side, his eyes narrowed, pointing his finger into the camera, oozing sincerity as he made his points. We’ve seen it before. Fourteen years ago, in the midst of the Monica Lewinsky affair, President Clinton appeared on TV – “I did not have sex with that women Miss Lewinsky…” Same head tilt, same eyes, same finger point, same sincerity but a boldfaced lie.

Also curious was the Democratic Party, the proponents of women, placing in a highly prominent convention role a man with his sexual history of abusing women and cheating on his wife. Elicit sex with Jennifer Flowers, controversial accusations of rape by Kathleen Willey and Juanita Broaddrick, oral sex with intern Monica Lewinsky. And Democrats accuse Republicans of a war on women?

That Obama needed Clinton to bolster his re-election campaign says volumes.

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Playing the Race Card

Posted by Warren Peterson on August 31, 2012

Show a color photo of President Obama or better yet one of him with his family.

Mention Obama’s name in the same sentence with Chicago.

Ditto for Obama and Kenya.

Feature African-American elected officials or Hispanic ones at a Republican event.

Have a white, aging Hollywood star debate an empty chair representing Obama.

Say you hope Obama fails.

Or even make that you hope Obama’s policies fail.

Blame the President for the state of the economy.

Point out that the truly racist KKK types are a small minority and represent neither party.

Note that a single racist sign among hundreds of political signs at a Tea Party rally does not mean the Tea Party is racist.

Speak or write any disparaging comment about Obama’s background, politics or performance.

Do any of the above and you are a Republican or just endorse Romney for president, expect the wild-eyed liberals to scream RACIST at you.

It is more than hypersensitivity. Sadly, it is an Obama campaign strategy designed to silence opposition and change the subject from the economy. It may be successful in winning or retaining some votes but it is divisive, hate based and contrary to the Hope and Change promised in 2008. One man speaking out strongly against this strategy could stop it. That man is you Mr. President. Your Sister Souljah moment is now.

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Can Romney Connect with the People?

Posted by Warren Peterson on August 31, 2012

Is Mitt Romney an out of touch, hater that is in the race for president only for himself and his rich friends? Or is he a truly compassionate but private person whose faith is lived out in his actions? Well if you only listen to MSNBC for all your news, you may have missed the comments from a couple that experienced the private Mitt Romney first hand. If you think compassion is a required trait of a president or you believe the left’s relentless assault on Romney’s character, watch the You Tube video below. Keep a tissue handy.

Click HERE

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Neil Cavuto Nails It

Posted by Warren Peterson on July 16, 2012

Regardless of what you think about FOX News, Neil Cavuto’s commentary on the presidential campaign is outstanding.

Link to it HERE

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